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In the world of oil there are really two types of engine lubricants; conventional and synthetic.  Conventional covers about 80-85% of the market no matter the application from cars to mowers and pumps to chainsaws.  Conventional lubricants are all petroleum based and can have a wide range of performance.  Most conventional oils provide average performance at low cost.  Unfortunately these oils do not last as long requiring more maintenance labor over the equipment lifetime.

Synthetic oils make up the remainder of the market by roughly 15%.  Derived from petroleum, synthetic oils contain only the purest and most efficient molecules.  This is a significant upgrade from conventional in terms of film strength, temperature stability, oxidation and additive solubility. Engineered to outperform in every aspect to provide longer interval changes, less maintenance, more efficiency from the equipment, lower temps, more responsiveness, less pollution, with the intention to reduce overall maintenance cost of the equipment.

A new technology for synthetic oils are those derived from plants.  Due to their oxygen content, plant based lubricants have a strong polarity that take synthetic performance to a new level; this allows the oil to adhere better to all moving parts improving lubrication. Like petroleum synthetics, they also have superior additive packs additive packs that contain the best blend of detergents and stabilizers to keep your equipment clean and increase the longevity of the oil.

These principles apply to lubrication in all engines and equipment.  Additional benefits unique for the 2 Cycle market are reduced smoke/smell and lower emissions (since you mix oil with the gas).  Our bio-based lubricants (2C/4C) are a full synthetic and our technology exceeds all the benefits of traditional petroleum synthetics.  Bio-based is just coming out in the market and is the cutting edge for lubrication!

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